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Every travel arises from a dream, that is going to take shape one day, gifting many enthusiastic surprises. To, Relying on the experience of the travel agency of Pozzallo will define this adventure into all the details, indulging in top level relax and peace. This firm is specialised in organising travel package deals in all the most beautiful places of the world, both at the seaside and in the mountains. Cabrera Tour by Cintoli Viaggi puts in place its knowledge in order to offer a structured service, in accordance with the expectations of clients.

5Cabrera Tour by Cintoli Viaggi, your travel agency of trust in Pozzallo

The agency Cabrera Tour by Cintoli Viaggi, located in Garibaldi road 42 in Pozzallo, in the province of Ragusa, takes advantage of the experience gained from the Cintoli Viaggi group in the tourism sector. A young and dynamic reality, inspired by the passion and resourcefulness of the two young owners, the travel agency of Pozzallo, located in the city centre, offers a state-of-art service with customised offers, for more demanding clients as well. The agency take responsibility of all the steps of the travel organising: from the choice of the destination and receptive structure, to flight booking and link service, booking of sightseeing trips and all the planned activities during the travel.